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Google built the core of its business on Google Search, which not only allowed its users to
rapidly search the Internet for information, but it also allowed Google to acquire vast
amounts of data that it could use for Business Intelligence to drive the direction of its
growing business. Beginning in 1999 Google Search began replacing search engines such as
Yahoo and Alta Vista as the preferred search engine for users of the World Wide Web. The
clean design of the Google search page, devoid of annoying advertising banners made Google
Search an instant hit with consumers. As Google cornered the Search Market, it began
branching out into advertising. Acquiring all of the data behind Google Search gave Google
a great deal of information, knowledge and power and they were very successful at
determining how best to use that knowledge to their competitive advantage. (Kunle, Mufutau
, & Tubosun, 2017). Data indicates that there is a very substantial correlation between
successful implementation of business intelligence and competitive market advantage.
Google Don’t Do:
As evidenced in one study (Sacks, 2015) there are certain disadvantages to building a
business based upon Open Source Software (OSS) such as various distributions of
Linux. While Google has leveraged the power of Linux in its Android Operating System, it
has simultaneously prohibited itself from directly competing with Microsoft in the
Proprietary Software (PS) market for the corporate market. I personally did not understand
this unique distinction until I asked a professional software developer why they did not use
OSS such as PHP and MySQL in developing their Web Applications. The answer was both
simple and powerful “The Open Source license prohibits you from creating a restrictive
license (required to Sell) for any software developed from OSS Code”.
(Open Source License Compliance-Why and How? 2019) Open Source License requires that
any code developed from OSS must also be OSS. Meaning you are not allowed to sell or
commercially distribute derivatives of OSS. Google’s Android OS is an OSS derivative of
Linux. So if Google were to seek to monetize its Android Operating System it would seem
the most logical way to do so would be to follow the Red Hat Enterprise and Canonical
models of providing corporate IT support services for the Linux Distributions itself. Google
has apparently expressed no interest in that market.
Constantly analyze and reevaluate manufacturing and supply chain processes. Look for ways
to cut costs improve efficiency and increase profitability through thinking outside the box.
Don’t grow complacent.