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Licensure Examination
In the process of mercerizing cotton is treated with
a. phosphoric acid
c. ammonia
b. acetone
d. sodium hydroxide
The concept of using information about the deviation of a system from its desired state of control the system is
proportional control
integral control
c. feedback control
d. transient control
One ingredient present in all baking powder
a. sodium nitrate
c. sodium metabisulfate
b. sodium bicarbonate
d. potassium tartrate
The molar humidity of air, 50 % saturated with water at 95 deg F in lb mol water/ lb mole dry air is
a. 0.15
c. 0.02
b. 0.18
d. 0.03
A fluid flows through two stirred tank reactor in series. Each reactor has
a. 74.7
c. 66.8
b. 99.4
d. 85.3
For a gas diffusing ins a stagnant layer of another gas, the concentration decreases ______________ along the
diffusion path
a. logarithmically
c. geometrically
b. linearly
d. proportionally
In some reactor operations bypassing some amount of the reactant prevents wasteful processing to determine the
amount of the bypass it is essential that a material balance be taken
a. inside the reactor
c. of the overall input and output materials
b. of the feed
d. around a point where mixing occurs
Two very large walls are at constant temperature at 600 deg F and 900 deg F. Assuming that the walls behave like
black bodies, how much heat in Btu/ hr sq ft must be removed from the colder wall in order to maintain a constant
a. 34.210
c. 3.734
b. 12.625
d. 8.956
Oil with a viscosity of 300 centipoise and density of 60 lb/ cu ft flows through a ½ in I.D. tube. Determine the
velocity in ft/ sec below which flow will be laminar.
a. 13.1
c. 87.2
b. 16.9
d. 0.63
The pressure drop through a gate valve is lowest when it is
a. one-quarter open
c. one-half open
b. three- quarters open
d. fully open
A composite wall consists of three layers. The inner layer is made of 2 in. corkboard, the middle layer is 6 in.
concrete and the outer layer is 3in wood. The thermal conductivities of the corkboard, concrete and wool are 0.025,
0.80, 0.065 in Btu/ hr ft deg F, respectively. If the temperature of the surface of the inside wall is 40 deg f and the
temperature of the outside wall surface is 78 deg F, what is the heat re0flux in Btu/hr sq ft across the composite
a. 40.7
c. 11.2
b. 3.41
d. 25.6
___________ is a stage operation where components of a solid phase can be separated by selective dissolving the
soluble of the solid with an appropriate solvent.
a. adsorption
c. equilibrium stage
b. electrolysis
d. leaching
The acceptable pH range for fresh water supply ( rivers, lakes, etc.) is
a. 6.9-7.1
c. 6.5 - 8.5
b. 5.5-9.5
d. 6.0- 9.0
Multiple effect evaporation
a. decreases the rated capacity
b. decreases the heat transfer
c. increases the steam requirement
d. increase the economy
The percent relative humidity of air in a room at a temperature of 76 deg f and 1 atm pressure containing 0.015 lb of
water vapor per lb of dry air is
a. 83.2
c. 78.1
b. 69
d. 91
In a given horizontal pipe system, increasing the velocity will not affect the
a. velocity head
c. potential head
b. pressure head
d. friction head
_________ is the ratio of the average diameter of the feed to the average diameter of the product.
a. reduction ratio
c. relative roughness
b. Tyler standard screen size
d. settling ratio
In rebuilding a heat exchanger, the 12 BWG copper tubes are being replaced by aluminum tubes. To provide equal
heat transfer rates after the retubing of the heat exchanger, what should be the thickness of the aluminum tubes in
inches, if the outside diameter is maintained at 2 in? Note: Use properties of the materials at 100deg C.
a. 0.153
c. 0.109
b. 0.062
d. 0.085
For the reaction X + 2Y + Z + 3W
→ Products where the initial amounts of the reactants are 2 mols of x
and 1mol of each of y, and w, the limiting reactant is
a. X
c. Z
b. Y
d. W
The pressure after the pump in a 6 in I.D. smooth pipe conducting water is 20 psia. The water is discharged to an
open tank 100 ft from the pump. Calculate the rate of discharge of water in cu ft/sec. Assume the water temperature
to be 70 deg F.
a. 0.6
c. 21.0
b. 3.58
d. 58.3
The rate of absorption of a solute from a gas into an absorping medium such as a liquid primarily depends on the
a. velocity of the gas
b. difference in concentration of the solute in the gas and absorping medium
c. contact time between gas and absorping medium
d. difference in temperature of the gas and the absor ping medium
A cooper cylinder 2 in thick and 6 in ID is heated internally so that the inside wall temperature is 300deg C while the
outside wall temperature is maintained at 100 deg C. Calculate the heat loss per foot of cylinder in Btu/ hr.
a. 44,000
c. 935,000
b. 5,760
d. 529,000
In filtration, the flow of filtrate through the filter cake varies wit the
a. physical properties
b. pressure drop across the filter cake only
c. pressure drop across the filter cake porosity and thickness solid particle size
d. density of solids in the cake
______ is the transfer of a soluble component of a gas phase into an absorbent liquid that is relatively non-volatile
a. stripping
c. gas absorption
b. desorption
d. extraction
Hot flue gases at 1 atm an average temperature of 800 deg F pass through a chimes of 2 ft ID by 15 ft high. The
chimney is made of 5 in thick bricks ( k= 0.4Btu/ hr sq ft deg F/ft). Air at 70 deg F is flowing perpendicular to the
chimney producing a heat transfer coefficient of the flue gases is 4.4 Btu/ hr sq ft deg F estimate to heat transfer in
hr/deg F Btu.
a. 0.0156
c. 2.0
b. 1.05
d. 0.5
A 4 in sch 40 standard steel pipe, 10 ft long, has an outside surface area of
a. 0.884 sq ft
c. 8.33 sq ft
b. 10.55 sq ft
d. 11.78 sq ft
Water at 60 deg F is flowing through a 3 in ID smooth horizontal pipe. If the Reynold’s number is 35, 300 calculate
the ratio of the maximum velocity to the average velocity.
a. 1.89
c. 1.22
b. 1.72
d. 1.05
A water storage tank assures the supply of water into a factory. Water is supplied to the tank through a booster
pump in the water line. The theoretical pump horsepower required is 3. 25 hp. What is the monthly operating cost of
the pump if electric power costs on the average, P 3.73 kw/h. the pump is 655 efficient and operates for 12 hours a
a. 5,000
c. 6,700
b. 117
d. 3,250
The heat loss for an insulated steam pipe costs a company P 110 per meter length pipe annually. A 4 cm, insulation
costing P 50 per meter length of pipe will cut the heat loss by 90%. If the insulation last for 10 years with zero
salvage value. What would be the rate of return on investment on the insulation?
a. 375
c. 188
b. 92
d. 95
Pig iron is produced in a blast furnace from hentatile ore containing 83% iron oxide (Fe2O3). The pig iron produced
is 96% Fe. The slag contains 10% of the iron present in the ore. How many tons of pig iron are produced per 500
tons of ore?
a. 156
c. 450
d. 353
Caustic soda ( NaOH) is produced by reacting a 20% aqueous solution of sodium carbonate ( Na2CO3) and 25%
calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2.Calcium carbonate is precipitated as the solution of caustic soda is produced. The
precipitate is made up of 94% of calcium carbonate, 5% water and 1% caustic soda. The number of grams of
caustic soda formed per 100grams of precipitate is.
a. 98.7
c. 212
b. 75.2
d. 28.9
The reaction rate constant for a third order reaction may be expresses as
a. ( sq. liter ) ( sq mol ) ( sq sec.)
c. ( sq. liter) ( sq. mol) (sec)
b. ( liter mol sec)
d. ( sq, liter) ( sq. mol) ( sq. sec)
Humidification is an example of a
a. heat and mass transfer operation
b. mass transfer operation
c. mass and momentum transfer operation
d. heat transfer operation
When the pressure drop across the liter medium and begins to increase during the filtration of a slumy.
a. filtration is complete
c. filtration will start to fall
b. filtration rate drops to zero
d. heat transfer operation
Paper for newsprint is produced from paper for newsprint is produced from
a. sulfate process
c. soda process
b. mechanical pulp
d. sulfite process
Shape factors are important in characterizing particulate solids such as those encountered in various operations.
What is the specific surface( surface area per unit mass of material) in sq. cm. For quartz with a diameter of 2 in
density of 165 lbs/ cu. ft. and a specific surface ratio of 10 deg.
a. 45.0
c. 4.47
b. 95
d. 8.92
How many kg. of water are evaporated per kg. of wood when the wood is dried from 40 deg moisture to 25%
moisture? Both moisture contents are on a wet basis.
a. 15
c. 20
b. 25
d. 18
A condenser heat exchanger consists of a number of tubes for water flow surrounded by a shell for containing
steam which condenses on the tubes. Water with an average temperature of 22 deg. C and average velocity of 0.6
m sec flows through the tubes. The tube diameter and length are 4 mm and 2 m respectively. For one tube,
determine the Prandtl number.
a. 32.6
c. 6.17
b. 1.45
d. 12.5
The___________ governs the kinetics of chemical reactions.
a. law of mass action
c. limiting reactant
b. conservation of mass
d. second law of thermodynamics
According to the _____________the speed at which a reaction takes place is proportional to the concentration of
the reactants.
a. conservation of mass
c. Arrhenius law
b. concept of mass diffusivity
d. Law of mass action
A dimensionless group that is used to analyze transport phenomena and shows the ratio of inertia forces to gravity
a. friction number
c. Euler number
b. Froud number
d. Reynolds number
The mass diffusivity in binary systems is a function of
a. viscosity, thermal conductivity and configuration
b. temperature, pressure and composition
c. temperature, pressure and velocity
d. temperature only
A furnace has an area of 1000 sq ft. exposed to the surroundings. The furnace is made of 6 in thick insulating bricks
with a thermal conductivity of 0.15 Btu hr sq. Ft ( deg. F ft). The temperature difference across the brick is 150 deg.
F. How much fuel is required in lb day to heat the furnace if the fuel has a heating value of 15,000 Btu lb?
a. 26
c. 610
b. 72
d. 342
The stoichiometric quantity of oxygen of the complete combustion of a fuel is the
a. combined oxygen
c. theoretical oxygen
b. excess oxygen
d. equilibrium oxygen
The triangle which has one corner in on the enriching operating line and another on the stripping operating line
a. the feed plate
c. the partial condenser
b. an ideal stage
d. the middle plate
Which statement is incorrect?
Stratification is a natural progress in which takes gradually become shallower and more productive
through the introduction and recycling of nutrients
Mineralization is the complete breakdown of organic molecules into cellular mass, carbon dioxide,
water, and inorganic residuals.
Absorption is a process whereby gaseous pollutants are transferred from gas to liquid phase.
Greenhouses fleet is the earth’s stored thermal energy due to an increase in to liquid phase
A sanitary landfill in has an area of 21 hectares and an average depth of 10 meters. If 850cu. meters of solid waste
are dumped daily, what would be the expected life of the landfill in years? Assume that the solid wastes are
completed ti twice their delivered density.
a. 3.5
c. 16
b. 4.6
d. 19