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Volume and Density Practice

Grade 7 Science
Unit 2: Matter
Complete the following questions.
1. How do you calculate the volume of this rectangle? Find the solution.
2. Mr. Johnson wants to make a rectangle box of 45cm^3. He has the
dimensions of 3cm, and 5cm. What is the missing value?
3. An irregular shaped rock is displaced in 40 milliliters of water. After
submerging the rock, the graduated cylinder was displaced and now read
62 milliliters of water. What is the volume of the rock?
4. Raysean wants to find the density of an object. He measures the mass of a
textbook and find its mass to be 340 grams. He measures the volume of
his textbook and finds that its volume is equal to 4,304 cm^3. If D=
mass/volume, what is the density of his textbook?