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170 Final Presentation

Rooda Warfa
• The goal was to present myself, what I want to accomplish and my goal in
this quarter
• For the bio-board I wanted to show how far I come as a person, mother, and
• As the quarter went by, I learn and grew as a person and a child care provider
and so happy for the opportunities given.
Social & Emotional Environment
• The goal of this assignment was to demonstrate my learning and creativity and produce a
well layout environment, one that promote development as well as curiosity and learning
• For this I decided upon changing dramatic play area and what I did was separated area into
themes such as kitchen/ household, and construction, firefighter, etc.
• I locate specific area where it more common for interaction so there is nice flow when
transition from one activity to another
• I did all of this again to encourage collaboration skills such as sharing and teamwork as wells
as social skills, like communication
Social & Emotional Environment
Social & Emotional Environment
• I wanted to achieve in creating a social and emotional environment in a creative and pleasing
way by turning areas into section based on themes, and where each section contains
materials and tools that promote that specific theme of dramatic play
• I wanted to create an environment that where all type of children can feel welcome to learn,
explore, develop, and have fun
• Also, it’s just not enough of just having the area and materials there for the children to play
with, you should make sure children and active and are interested
• I should improve on is creating a more interesting and interactive lesson plan where I won’t
just tell them what we’re doing and let them go on their own, but I should interact with
them so they can learn more
Language & Literacy
• For this assignment, I wanted to created a space that encourage the fun of
• The goal was to create a space such that it welcomes any children to come
and pick up a book, with enough room to comfortably sit and read
Language & Literacy
Language & Literacy
• As can be seen on the before picture, the reading “space” was too crowed and didn’t
look to inviting for a child, let alone multiple children, to come and read
• So I expanded the reading area, with a more spacious floor and added a table with
extra chairs
• This would allow more than one children to come and have an opportunity to read
• This area also lends an opportunity for having a Story-telling time with the children
• I learn so much this quarter and I am very happy for what I learn. As the
quarter went by, I learn and grew as a person and a child care provider and so
happy for the opportunities given. I am especially grateful for the wonderful
teacher and classmate I had over this quarter. I had a wonderful time learning
and gaining new experience to further develop my own knowledge and help
become a more caring, nurturing, and observer provider. For this and many
more I am very thankful.
The End
Thank You