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Scavenger Hunt

1. In the dark and under a stair
Look for a graveyard of clothes people wear
Don’t be afraid of smells and mold
For the clue is sitting on something old.
2. They say that owls come out at night
But don't be overcome with fright
An owl guards the clue for thee
Where the 8th grade homeroom used to be
3. Flags flutter in the breeze
Their eerie shadows make you freeze.
They are not the only thing that flies
Look for the room with butterflies
4. Bones are scattered everywhere
In a room where mad science is the fair
One of those bones holds your next clue
Beware the owner watches you
5. A spider crawls upon its web
Up in a net where it is spread
Entangled in a web of doom
Your next clue there must surely loom
6. Look by the faces that hang around
Or your next clue will not be found
Pass through the doors that let you in
Your clue is hidden in a bin
7. Don't be afraid, when you travel down
The clue is hidden where books are found
A ghost's hanging near a sink
Your next clue's hidden there now think!
8. Black cats roam this room at night
The attic provides them a tasty bite
This room that leads there is where you will find
A clue at the table where the lady is kind.
9. Where is your next clue you may ask?
Where your next clue’s hidden is the task.
In the room with crayons, markers and paint
Your next clue’s hidden please don’t faint
10. Tonight is not all fright and fear
A trick or treat is waiting near
Where teachers gather for a bite to eat
Finding the last clue is what really matters.
11. You have found your treasure
Your journey is not quite done
Put your puzzle together
To say that you WON!