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Analyze the monitoring plan used in a

Analyze the monitoring plan used in a (Water and diesel transportation projects) :
How is the monitoring and control reporting done?
Water transportation projects include can include construction for Aqueducts which can include
pipelines, canals and Tunnels, again Container shipment can include transport by tank truck, tank
car and tank ship, Diesel transportation project include the projects associated with trucks, boats
and others vehicle/Buses that can transport all kind of product that people usually consume, for
such project Monitoring and Controlling Effort is essential, further the monitoring and controlling
effort could be done across all process group of a project life cycle, like Initiating, Planning,
Executing, Closing the project or phase of the project, again following monitoring and controlling
effort variance report, which stands for the plan established for water and diesel transportation
projects, which needs executing according to the plan, let say example like time deadline kept for a
water transportation project is around 2 month, now during monitoring the work as going on, we
can check what are the time related variation coming as per the baseline plan established, again
due to variation in time again we can consider significant variation in cost and others variables,
those to be accounted during monitoring effort, following data can be prepared to know about the
project monitoring status like Contractor status report, Earned value status report, project
Performance report, Risk audit and Variance Report, Formal acceptance form, let me consider
project performance report, where basically we can write down various accomplishments for this
reporting period, various accomplishment those planned but not fulfilled, root causes of variances,
noting down the upcoming milestone for the project, create the preventive and corrective plan for
all the activities as associated, identifying ongoing issues, and changes as required in the project,
so the report again can include risk monitoring report, where basically identified risk to be taken
care of, and further how is the mitigating for the identified risk that to be kept within the control,
practically project can include various operational process, where we can check the process
performance through using control chart to understand how the process variation is coming and
eliminate the key input variables to make the process better in such situation, in earned value
analysis, project performance can be checked which can include both cost and time performance,
following result can be drawn to a level like Scheduled variance, Cost Variance, planned value,
Actual cost, the budget and Estimate at completion, etc, those are useful to know about the status
of Project and come under monitoring and controlling effort,