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Preparing for Things Fall Apart - Structure and Poetry

Unit 2 Pathway #3
Standard 5
3. With a partner, read and ANNOTATE “The White Man’s Burden” by Rudyard Kipling (retrieve from Ms. Miller)
Background on the poem:
Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was a British writer who is best known for The Jungle Book. In 1899, he wrote “The White Man’s Burden.” Originally
subtitled with "The United States and the Philippine Islands," Kipling wrote this poem after the Spanish-American War, during which the United
States acquired the Philippines from Spain. This poem sparked considerable controversy when it was written, including H.T. Johnson’s response—a
poem called “The Black Man’s Burden,” because of its claim that the duty of white men was now to go to the Philippines in order to "civilize" the
island's people..
A. Write a response to the following questions:
B. Create a comic strip that
C. Record yourself having a literary
How does the author structure the text? What
poem. Under each block of the
in which you explain how the poem is
Create a title for each stanza of the poem.
mirrors the structure of the
discussion of the poem with a friend
is the significance of the structure? How does
strip, write a sentence explaining
structured and why, how the author
to the issue of the white man’s burden?
strip must include at least 6
where the conflict and tension rises
and a title to represent that
contribute answers in the discussion)
the author add additional depth to the conflict the impact of that section. Your
blocks to represent each stanza
Storyboard Strip Creator
Find a partner and swap responses. You must write at least one comment or piece of
feedback on your partner's response.
builds suspense in the poem, and
within the poem. (each person must
Voice Recorder Vocaroo
You must upload the recording and send
to Ms. Miller’s email
4. View the following visual representation of “The White Man’s Burden” and explain how the different parts of
the poem are represented in the image (in a google document or separate sheet of paper)
With a partner share your response to the visual representation. Place a check mark next to any similar responses
and add any responses (using a star or asterisk) your partner had that you did not.
Check in with Ms. Miller for your next set of instructions. You must have your completed product ready to discuss with Ms.