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Re-Dox Reactions Worksheet

ReDox Reactions Worksheet:
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Part One:
1. Determine the oxidation number of the elements in each of the following compounds:
a. H2CO3
b. N2
c. Zn(OH)42-
d. NO2-
e. LiH
Part Two:
1. Write down the oxidation numbers for each molecule
2. Draw a square around the molecule that is oxidized
3. Draw a circle around the molecule that is reduced
4. Underline the oxidizing agent
5. Strikethrough the reducing agent
1. Oxidation #:
+3 2- 0
0 4+ 22Fe2O3 + 3C → 4Fe + 3CO2
2Fe2O3 + 3C → 4Fe + 3CO2
Reduced: Iron
Oxidized: Carbon
Reducing Agent: Carbon
Oxidizing Agent: Iron
Do on a separate sheet of paper to turn in: