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Future Teacher Internship
Buddy Day Visit
On Buddy Day I visited the kindergarten classroom at
The kindergarten teacher’s name is
My usual field site placement is ____Garland High School ______________.
Compare and contrast your visitation site with your usual field site in the
following areas: number of students; classroom size, décor; activities
done by the children; teaching style/methods used by teacher; duties of
the usual FTI student; what YOU did during the Buddy Day Visit.
Buddy Day Visit
Usual Field Site_________
No. of Students:
Classroom size, décor, arrangement
Activities done by the children
Teaching style/methods used by teacher
Duties of the usual FTI student
What did you do while you were in your Buddy Day Visit classroom?
What did you observe to be the biggest difference between your regular
site and the class that you visited on Buddy Day? Explain.