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Six Purposes of Governmentnew

Six Purposes of Government
Form a more perfect union
Establish Justice
• original states adopted the
constitution to link themselves
and the American people more
closely together.
• The Constitution was built in
belief that in union there is
• The law in content and its
administration must be
reasonable, fair and impartial.
Six Purposes of Government Cont’d
Insure domestic tranquility
Provide for the Common Defense
• Order is essential to the wellbeing of any society, and
keeping the peace at home
(United States) has always been
a prime function of the
• Defend the nation against
foreign enemies
• Examples: Army, Navy, Air Force,
Marines, Department of
Homeland Security
Six Purposes of Government Cont’d
Promote the General Welfare
Secure the Blessings of Liberty
• The government acts as a
servant of its citizens
• The U.S. Constitution and State
constitutions set out many
guarantees of rights and liberties
for the individual in this country.
• Each generation must preserve
and protect them (rights and
liberties); learn and understand
them (rights and liberties) and
stand up for them when