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смертельна кара

Iryna Bebko
English 106
31 July 2016
The Death Penalty
Among last few decades, the level of the crime rates has increasingly grown. It is
enough to switch on the television of which there is much news about murders, sexual
assaults, and forcible rapes. More and more people think that it is not enough to imprison
criminal, and day by day the number of people who think that the death penalty is In favor.
Someone might argue with this point of view because for someone it seems not humanly, and
it would be enough to imprison the criminal, but there are some who think that death penalty
is a better punishment. So, must criminals be punished for killing people?
It is the well-known fact that people pay taxes to the government for their living. Also,
everyone knows that some part of these taxes goes to house prisoners, to feed them and to
give them clothes. This raises the question, why people, who have never done any crimes,
must pay for those people who do not even regret things they have done? Some families do
not have enough money for living, to maintain a family, but they have to pay taxes in order to
help court prisoner. Is it fair?
Almost all psychologists claim that those people who did a murder are mentally ill
people. There can be a lot of reasons of that, for example, problems in the family, childhood,
not appropriate company. Those people do not realize that thing that they did is bad.
Furthermore, some murderers derive pleasure from suffering and pain of their sacrifices. If
they are imprisoned for 10-15 years, where is the guaranty that they will not commit a capital
offense again? If they are released from prison, they will kill other innocent lives again and
Society will be in danger and more people will be killed or harmed. That is why one of the
most important arguments in favor of death penalty is the fact that it helps to deter capital
The death penalty is a cruel punishment, but in some cases, it is the only one way to
dispose of the violence. However, when a person murders another person, death is the right
kind of retribution. Some would say that violence breeds violence, but if to remove the root of
the problem, the problem will disappear. Moreover, if the death penalty will be legalized, the
prisoners, probably, will be afraid and will think more about consequences of the deed. They
do crimes because they have no fear of death for them.
To sum up, despite the fact that death penalty is a cruel punishment, it should be
legalized in every country. This can be the only way to prevent increasing of murders and
crime rates. It will help to protect society from a vicious and dangerous criminal. People will
economize their money by paying fewer taxes. The chances are high that criminals will not
commit a lot of crimes because they will be afraid of execution. Obviously, the penalty must
be appropriate to the seriousness of the crime and all aspects should be taken into
consideration, in order to avoid execution of an innocent person.