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Are you worth your salt answers (Social Sciences mini research)

Are you worth your salt?
Find out through researching these questions and for each one, put 3 more pieces of
What does endorheic mean? Has no outflow such Great Salt Lake - water flows in but can’t
flow out. Also called terminal lake
What is the largest salt lake in the western hemisphere? Great Salt Lake in Utah
What countries border the Caspian Sea? Russia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and
What does “take it with a grain of salt” mean?
What is special about the Dead Sea? You cannot drown in it only float. Bordered by Jordan
and Israel; lowest point in the world below sea level.
What was the Salt March? A protest march by Ghandi in India against the British law that
stopped Indians from collecting and selling salt which was a significant part of their cooking;
they were also heavily taxed for it. It was from March to April 1930.
Other than in cooking, what else can salt be used for? Preserving food because salt draws out
moisture which causes bacteria. Also for dyeing clothes and tanning leather.
Where are the names of some of the salt springs in England? the “wich” suffix in English
place names like Middlewich and Norwich is associated with areas where salt working
was a common practice.
Why do we need salt? It’s actually required for life. Sodium ions help the body perform
a number of basic tasks, including maintaining the fluid in blood cells and helping the
small intestine absorb nutrients. We can’t make salt in our own bodies
Bacon, pepperoni, salami, ham
What does the saying “worth your salt” mean? Means that you deserve to be paid your
earnings, you’re valuable in what you’re doing. Apparently came from Rome when soldiers
were often paid in salt or given an allowance to buy it.
Find two other sayings that have the word “salt” in them, write them down and explain what
they mean.
Name 5 different kind of salts.
Kosher salt.
Sea salt. ...
Himalayan pink salt. ...
Celtic sea salt. ...
Fleur de Sel. ...
Kala Namak. ...
Flake salt.
Choose 2 and find out where they come from.
What do sumo wrestlers do with salt? Throw it in the ring to purify it for their round. Also
stamp their feet to get rid of evil. Salt is also a good disinfectant for their scratches.
Why do you use salt in baking bread? So the yeast doesn’t rise too much
Where is the Old Salt Route? Northern Germany; it was a special road to transport from the
salt mines to the shipping ports.
How is salt produced?
Salt is generally produced one of three ways: deep-shaft
mining, solution mining or solar evaporation.