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1. System of the body which
coordinates and controls its activity
 A. Organ System
 B. Muscular System
 C. Nervous Tissue
 D. Nervous System
2. Peripheral nervous system
consists of the brain and spinal cord
 A. True
 B. False
3. Which of the following is NOT
component of the PNS
 A. Elastic Connective Tissue
 B. Cranial nerves
 C. Spinal nerves
 D. Ganglia
4. Name the structural functional
unit of the nervous system
 A. Neuroglia
 B. Glial cells
 C. Neurons
 D. Perikaryon
5. Which of the following cells
supports, nourishes, and protect
the neurons?
 A. Nissl bodies
 B. Perikaryon
 C. Ganglia
 D. Glial cells
6. Electrical signals which travel
through the membrane of the neurons
 A. Nerve impulse
 B. Nerve damage
 C. Electrical charge
 D. Brain
7. What is Nissl bodies
 A. Golgi bodies
 B. Lysosomes
 C. cluster of rough endoplasmic
 D. Mitochondria
8. Name the multipolar neuron which
is located entirely within the Central
 A. Motor neuron
 B. Efferent neuron
 C. Afferent neuron
 D. Interneuron
9. Chemical messengers secreted by
ductless glands
 A. Lymph
 B. Platelets
 C. Plasma
 D. Hormones
10. Endocrine glands secret products
into ducts and transfer it into body
 A. True
 B. False
11. Which of this statement is
INCORRECT regarding the function of
 A. reproduction
 B. maintenance of internal environment
 C. maintain body temperature
 D. development and growth
12. Which of these is NOT a precursor
of hormone?
 A. amino acids
 B. cholesterol
 C. phospholipids
 D. proteins
13. What is the precursor of steroid
 A. protein
 B. cholesterol
 C. carbohydrate
 D. lipid
14. Name the hormone which takes
part in the release of FSH and LH from
the anterior pituitary
 A. Growth hormone
 B. Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone
 C. Adrenaline
 D. Thymosin
15. Which is NOT an endocrine organ?
 A. pancreas
 B. thyroid
 C. pituitary gland
 D. adrenal gland
16. Name the hormone released by
posterior pituitary
 A. Oxytocin
 B. Prolactin
 C. Insulin
 D. Estrogen
17. The primary sex organ
 A. spinal cord
 B. liver
 C. kidney
 D. gonads
18. Site of sperm maturation
 A. epididymis
 B. ductus deferens
 C. spermatic cord
 D. uretha
19. Which of the following produces
the male sex hormone
 A. rete testis
 B. seminiferous tubule
 C. Leydig cell
 D. scrotum
20. Energy source for sperm
 A. somastatin
 B. prostaglandin
 C. proteins
 D. fructose
21. Choose the INCORRECT statement
about prostate gland
 A. located inferior to the urinary bladder
 B. secretion is thin and milky colored
 C. secretion is acidic in nature
 D. Function in increasing mobility of
22. The fluid from which accessory
gland neutralize acidity in the vagina
 A. seminal vesicle
 B. prostate gland
 C. Cowper’s gland
 D. uretha
23. Out of the following hormones,
which does not secrete from corpus
 A. estrogen
 B. progesterone
 C. relaxin
 D. testosterone
24. Which is not part of the female
reproductive system
 A. cervix
 B. uterus
 C. scrotum
 D. ovary
25. The hormone which is at peak
during ovulation
 A. progesterone
 B. estrogen
 C. FSH
 D. LH