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The Importance of Public Speaking in Business Communication by Rider University

The art of persuading others goes back to the days of ancient Greece. While we don’t
meet in markets and forums to discuss and defend ideas in the 21st century,
communication still forms a significant part of business. Forbes mentions that the single
most difficult hurdle in many professionals’ lives is the ability to deliver a memorable
speech. Public speaking is a necessary competency in a wide range of business
positions, and pursuing an advanced degree, such as an online Master of Arts in
Business Communication, can help professionals build the skills and confidence
necessary to excel at public speaking in business communication.
Why Is Public Speaking Important?
The definition of public speaking is: an oral presentation in which the orator delivers a
discourse to an audience. In the context of business communication, public speaking
may have several applications. Public speaking is important in business communication
since it can be used for delivering motivational speeches, professional presentations
and even training exercises. Because of the breadth of applications, companies view
public speaking skills as a necessity for business communication.
Developing public speaking skills enables a business professional to deliver information
that makes the listener eager to hear more. Similar to marketing, public speaking should
appeal to a particular audience and get its message across succinctly. A public speaker
representing a business must be able to persuade listeners, whether it’s to buy a
product or service or for another purpose. Many professionals can be public speakers,
and the ones who do this effectively are best remembered for getting their messages
across engagingly.
Becoming an Effective Public Speaker
Not everyone has the innate ability to speak publicly. Becoming an effective public
speaker requires practice and an ability to learn from one’s mistakes. As with any skill,
the more work one puts in, the better the delivery and eloquence. The fear that new
public speakers feel dissipates with each appearance before an audience. For public
speakers who want to be more impactful, the following tips can help to sway audiences
to their points of view:
See things from the audience’s perspective. This simple tip keeps audience
members engaged by relating the topic to their own lives. People are typically
concerned with how something affects them, and by making it personal, the public
speaker draws the audience into the discussion.
Deliver worthwhile content. If a speaker is delivering good content, then not much is
required to make a memorable speech. However, if the content isn’t relatable to the
audience, then it doesn’t matter how well prepared the speaker is. A good speech with
valuable content also inspires confidence in the presenter.
Ask for feedback and learn from it. No public speaker is perfect, and each speech
should be a chance to reflect on one’s delivery and how engaging the topic and
presentation was. Asking the audience for feedback helps to develop better
presentation techniques for the future.
Face one’s fears. There are simple ways to overcome most fears, but coming to terms
with that feeling of dread is the first step. Public speakers should consider what scares
them and practice ways to overcome those fears.
Don’t depend on notes. At the beginning of one’s public speaking career, using notes
can be an essential part of a presentation. However, being able to deliver without a
written cue shows an intimate knowledge of the topic that inspires confidence from the
Career Options for Public Speakers
Organizations need individuals who can create a rapport with an audience to meet the
goals of the business. Two of the most common roles for trained public speakers in
organizations are public relations specialist, and public relations manager:
Public relations specialists. Public relations specialists are tasked with creating and
maintaining an organization’s public image. They’re skilled in crafting media and press
releases that help to develop the organization’s brand and increase the public’s
awareness of their goals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the
median annual pay for public relations specialists was $60,000 in 2018 and that the field
is expected to see a growth of 6% between 2018 and 2028.
Public relations manager. While the public relations manager role is similar to that of
public relations specialists, the goals are different. Public relations managers are
responsible for the creation of material to enhance the public perception of the
organization. The BLS notes that the median annual salary for public relations
managers was $114,800 in 2018, with an expected growth of 8% between 2018 and
Qualifications That Matter
For business professionals who see public speaking as a critical element in their
careers, Rider University’s online Master of Arts in Business Communication offers
training and coursework to help hone their skills. By leveraging courses in verbal,
written and visual communication, students will gain competency in delivering ideas
across a wide range of media. This degree offers the following relevant courses:
Corporate and Persuasive Discourse. The ability to be persuasive is essential for a
business professional. This course teaches how to present points persuasively in
corporate environments.
Business Presentation Strategies. Delivering meaningful and effective presentations
to any audience, whether business executives or the public, may require understanding
different presentation strategies. This course covers areas such as visual presentation
tools, social media channels and more.
Communication in a Global Market. This course gives students an in-depth
understanding of how to communicate across national and language barriers for more
efficient business communication.
Effective Group Communication. This course delves into communication
methodologies that are best used with groups and the techniques that are more
effective with specific group compositions.
Public Speaking as an Art
Effective communication can help businesses get their messages across. Depending on
what audience that message centers on, the methodology of delivery will differ. For a
business professional, practicing the art of public speaking helps to make for a more
effective transmission of ideas to the target demographic. Rider University’s online
Master of Arts in Business Communication provides students with all the tools needed
to take public speaking in business communication to the next level.
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