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How to Write a Formal Lab Report for Chemistry
Title- must be descriptive and centered at the top of the page
(Make sure to skip a line between each section)
Purpose-a brief description of why you are doing the lab-what are you trying to
find out? It often asks a question that we are trying to find an answer to. This
will normally be included in the lab.
Procedure- A description of your experiment in numbered steps. Make sure to
put these in your own words. This description should be detailed enough for
someone else to repeat your experiment. A LABELED DIAGRAM of your lab
setup must be included in the procedure.
Data- Data should be labeled with UNITS in an organized data table.
Calculations involving DATA-show them all with units, include subtractions,
averages, etc. Label what you are calculating. Do not forget the units and sig
figs. Include any graphs of data when necessary and appropriate. Graphs should
be on graph paper or computer generated, have a title, labeled axes with units,
and an equation if necessary.
Error calculation (placed in calculation section)- this is not always used,
it all depends on the lab. I will let you know when you need to include the error
analysis calculation
% error= experimental-accepted x 100
Experimental = value from your own data that you calculated
Accepted= ideal value for your lab that is from the starting or given
amount, this value will be given to you most of the time
Questions- Answer any additional questions associated with the lab. Questions
should be restated in the answers.
Conclusion- In this part of the lab we attempt to answer the question that was
originally asked in our purpose. The conclusion is precise and explains why the
data supports or does not support the purpose. This is supported by using
actual data from the lab. Using DATA, discuss the original purpose from the
lab. Also connect this data with other science ideas either from chapter or basic
 Error Analysis: Any error that may have occurred in the lab is
discussed here. Mention at least 1 source of error that could have occurred
that makes sense with your data.
 Suggest a way the lab could be improved to prevent this error.