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Formation of multi-party system in Ukraine in the late 80's - early 90's
Multiparty system is the presence in a society, a state of two or three or more
officially registered political parties and movements that are fighting for power.
The main stages of the formation of a multiparty system in Ukraine were:
- the first stage (1988-1989 pp.) - the emergence of informal organizations,
the formation of a legal organized opposition; activization of the activity of the
Ukrainian Helsinki Union, access to the political arena of the People's Movement of
- the second stage (1990-1991 pp.) - initiation by the representatives of the democratic
bloc of important state decisions, among which the most important is the Declaration
on the state sovereignty of Ukraine;
- the third stage (1991-1992) - expansion of the spectrum of multiparty: by the
beginning of 2005, 127 political parties were registered in Ukraine.