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Avail Standby Letter of Credit, SBLC MT760 from Rated Banks

Standby Letter of Credit, usually referred as Standby LC or SBLC, which is a written undertaking
issued by a bank on behalf of its client and in favor of the supplier. This written undertaking gives
assurance to the supplier, that in case, if the buyer defaults, then the bank will be liable to make the
Standby LC facilitates International Trade Transaction between two companies that do not know
each other & follows different rules and regulations. With Standby LC, the buyer is certain to receive
goods supplied by the supplier; and the seller is certain of payment for the supplied goods from the
If you apply Standby LC to your bank, they will require 100% of SBLC amount as cash deposit or
cash margin or else, demand tangible collateral as security. Unlike traditional banking, Bronze Wing
Trading doesn’t obtain any cash margin or third party assurance to provide Standby Letter of Credit
on behalf of your company.
Do you require Standby LC to conclude your trade deal? Contact Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. today!
We provide Standby LC from Rated European
Banks on behalf of your company.
To avail SBLC, follow the SBLC Process given
below:Step 1: The buyer/importer submits their SBLC
request to us by submitting their trade deal
proforma invoice or Sales & Purchase Agreement.
Step 2: Once we received the details, we will do due
diligence and let them know whether their request
is approved or declined.
Step 3: If approved, we will sign the service
agreement with the client & ask them to pay the
admin charges to start work on their SBLC request.
Step 4: And then, we will send the SBLC draft for
the client’s review. And also, inform them to pay
the issuance fees & other documents.
Steps 5: Finally, once we receive the SBLC draft
approval, requested documents & issuance fee, we will instruct our bank to issue SBLC on behalf of the
company & in favor of their supplier via SWIFT MT760.
Advantages of Availing Standby LC from Us
No need of cash margin or other tangible collateral
No need to have direct relationship with our Bank
Receive Standby Letter of Credit from Best Banks
Deal closure within 48 working hours
Do you require Standby Letter of Credit to facilitate your global or local trade?
Contact Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C. today!
We assist traders by providing SBLC MT760 from Rated European Banks.
Submit Your Trade Finance Requirements, Email: [email protected] or
Call 00971-4-5519699
Visit https://www.bwtradefinance.com/standby-letter-of-credit-sblc
Submit Your Trade Finance Requirements, Email: [email protected] or
Call 00971-4-5519699