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Express Yourself
At the beginning of the year, a common theme is All About Me, an introductory-style
exercise designed to help students get to know each other and make new friends. Another
application of the All About Me project is to encourage students to gain self-awareness.
When students are more aware of their own actions, attitudes, and inclinations, they are
better able to interact with others and are often happier and more productive. These All
About Me art projects for middle schoolers can be used both to introduce students to each
other and to encourage self-awareness.
Project: Self Portrait Outline
Objective: Use multiple media to create a life-sized self-portrait.
Materials: Various
Provide students with examples of a variety of self-portraits in different styles.
Discuss the techniques represented in your samples.
Each student starts by having a peer trace their body (head to toe) on a large piece
of bulletin board paper. Students should choose a pose that represents something they
like to do.
Students decorate their outline in a way that expresses their personality and
Students should use at least three different media in their portrait (paint, chalk,
collage, etc.).