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Grand Central Terminal 纽约中央火车站

恢宏精致的纽约大中央火车站建于 100 年前,见证岁月流逝,历经风雨洗礼。它位于美国
曼哈顿中心,始建于 1903 年,1913 年 2 月 2 日正式启用。由美国铁路之王范德比尔特家
原名是 Grand Central Terminal,不是 Station,而是 Terminal,是许多条火车轨道的交汇
Commonly referred to as 'Grand Central Station,' the historic Grand Central Terminal isa
famous NYC landmark in Midtown Manhattan. Located on 42nd St and Park Ave, Grand
Central is one of the busiest train stations in the world, and serves nearly 200,000 NYC
commuters every day. Built in 1871, Grand Central Terminal is home to 44 train platforms,
several great NY restaurants, and some of the most beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture in
First and foremost, Grand Central Station is where NYC subway trains originate and
terminate. Based on the number of platforms it features, Grand Central Terminal is the
largest train station in the world, with 44.
Unlike other NY subway stations, Grand Central labels it tracks from east to west, with
track 11 on the upper concourse being the train that runs farthest east, and the 44 track
running farthest west. There are more passenger NY trains that depart from the lower
concourse, and are also numbered east to west.
For NYC subway schedules, routes, stations and more, check out the NYC subway map
on NYC Tourist.
Having stood in Midtown Manhattan since 1871, Grand Central Station has undergone a
number of renovations and restorations over the years. In the 1960's, this famous NYC
landmark was nearly torn down, but with the help of first-lady Jacqueline Kennedy, it was
designated as a historic American landmark.
Renovations at the Grand Central Terminal were completed in 1998, and once more in
2007, with this Beaux-Arts NY landmark receiving an extensive cleaning of its ceiling. The
Grand Central ceiling features a huge astronomical mural, a fact that was larely missed by
Grand Central passengers for many years. In fact, if you want to see the old color of the
Grand Central ceiling, there's still one tile that remains near the Michael Jordan
Steakhouse NY Restaurant.
Much of the Grand Central Terminal facade in New York City is decorated with famous
NYC art statues and brilliant bronze and gold accents. Enjoy a walk around Grand Central,
and take in its beautiful NY statues and the extensive number of shops and NY
restaurants at this famous New York landmark.