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Budget Project
Part 1: Create your “future budget”
Choose a job from the careers page
Use the information below to create your required income, expenses, and savings.
Feel free to include more items if necessary; please remember this is YOUR budget.
Balance your budget so that your income is equal to your savings + expenses.
Part 2:
Use PowerPoint to illustrate each section of your “future budget” . Use the slide outline below to create
your slides, be creative with this!
Part 3:
Write a conclusive paper on your finding and what you can improve on with your budget, see below for
Part 4:
Budget worksheet; be sure to fill your budget worksheet to attain an equal balance.
Slides : Title slide (include your name and the text “My Personal Budget”
Slide 1: Salary:
1. List the career that you picked from the career sheet
2. Determine the monthly salary for that career, include yearly salary as well. (monthly salary is
yearly salary divided by 12)
3. We will assume that your benefits from this job cover all doctor and dentist bills.
4. Give a paragraph about the job – Do a little research and include the job fuctions and skills you
may need to possess this job.
Slide 2: My Home
1. Where will your home be located?
2. Monthly payment for rent (look on zillow.com and find a residence that looks appealing to you
and find out how much the monthly rent is)
3. What is included in this rent? Utilities (heating and electric?)
4. Please include sources of this information
5. Include a photo of the apartment in your slide.
Slide 3: Utilities
1. Monthly payment for electric and heat (Nationalgird.com is a good resource for this info)
2. Please provide a photo of some Utilities you will be paying for
3. Sources of information.
Slide 4: Transportation
Cost of car
Determine monthly payment amount (assuming you will have to pay full amount)
www.edmunds.com/apps/calc/calculatorcontroller will help to determine your monthly car
You will have a car insurance amount of $2,000 a year
Your car registration is $60 a year
Amount determined for gas, parking (if you live in the city), tolls
Amount you determine for repairs, upkeep, car washes ect.
Slide 5: Groceries
1. Come up with a list of 10 items you cannot live without and determine cost for a month.
2. Show some photos of these items, with prices listed next to them.
3. Determine total cost of groceries for the month , total.
Slide 6: Entertainment
1. Determine how many times you will eat out, and for which meal? What is the cost for those
meals? What is the total you will be spending on meals out and/or take out for the month?
2. How many times will you go out for concerts, games, movies ect? How much do these events
3. Include total amount spent for dining and entertainment.
4. Also include ITunes downloads, video games, and movie rentals ect.
5. Include some graphic images of these items
6. Total amount spent on entertainment
Slide 7: Clothing
1. List of clothing items you are likely to buy in one month, keep in mind you are starting a new
2. How much do these items cost? And what is the total amount you will be spending?
3. Include some images of these items, with costs attached.
Slide 8: Phone
1. What type of phone will you have? (Cellular and house phone)
2. Monthly payment and payment type (check out att.com for reference on monthly plans and
data charges)
3. What does your payment plan include? Include images on this slide.
Slide 9: Cable/Internet:
1. Monthly payment for clothing/internet.
2. What type of plan will you have? What does this include?
3. Provide images for this slide. With sources of information.
Slide 10: Health and personal
Example: Hair, nails, glasses, tanning, facials, gym memberships, ect)
List of all items you would include in this category
Amount that you would spend on each of these items.
Images of these items with sources included.
Total amount you would spend on this category
Slide 11: Gifts
List of people you need to buy gifts for
List what type of gifts you will buy for these people and prices attached (birthday, holiday ect.)
Include monthly amount that you have allocated for this category (add and divide by 12)
Images to show what you will purchase.
Sources of information
Slide 12: School Loans
1. Calculate your student loans, depending on what college you decided to go to.
2. Look into college interest rates and financing to determine that amount of student loans you
will attain.
3. Include a college image as well as sources used.
Write up:
Please write a 2-3 page paper as a round up on your Monthly Budget
Include the following:
1. Are you able to do everything you want and in your means, while still saving?
2. What did you have to change or sacrifice to make your budget balance?
3. What were some areas that you were able to cut back and save?
Budget worksheet:
Please fill out your budget worksheet as you go, and make sure your monthly spending and saving are
equal to your monthly income.
Timeline & Grading:
You will have 5 classes to work on this assignment. This project is due Monday November 30th and will
be worth 10% of your final grade.
Presentations will be done the week of November 30th, please prepare 5-10 minutes to present your
budget to the class.
There will be a test on budgeting on Monday December 7th..
Ms. T