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Create a Want Ad for a new teacher at your school.

Create a Want Ad to Hire Your Ideal Teacher
As a class: ​Brainstorm characteristics of the student’s ideal teacher. You can write responses on
the board or each student can come up and write his or her own. Sending two or three up to the
board at a time works best.
Objective: ​You were chosen by Mr. Blanchard to hire the perfect teacher for a new class here at
Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School.
1. Number your paper 1 - 10.
2. Review the ideas from our class brainstorm session(s) and choose 10 characteristics you feel
a teacher should have. You can add other ideas if they are not listed.
3. Use this information to write a want ad looking for your ideal teacher to fill a position.
4. Subject the teacher will be teaching has not been determined yet.
Job title
10 characteristics (Ideas)
Spelling and punctuation count (Conventions)
Your ad must be between 75 and 100 words.
Presentation - neat and easy to read
***Rough drafts will be written by hand and finals will be done on the Chromebooks.