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Education Philosophy Essay

Brian Garcia Robles
Education 1100
Rough Draft
My Classroom Philosophy
The philosophy that I want to endure in my classroom is progressivism because it allows
students to have forward thinking. Also, it focuses on creating a plan for the future to increase
the number of students for success. Learning about what is happening around the world and
paying attention to the real world is really important. I would like to implement this philosophy
in my classroom to have a more forward-thinking group of individuals who are ready to take on
the world and are ready to succeed to make the world a better place.
To begin with, I believe that my role as the teacher is to provide my students with all the
learning skills before I begin a lesson because it is important they know how to learn first and
how to gather the skills necessary on how to take good notes and be willing to ask for help.
According to the survey I would be more progressive which would mean that I would keep the
books more as in the curriculum and give a little less wiggle room for student choice. Though
still very progressive with the content much of my role as the teacher will ensure relevance and
progression in my students teaching.
When it comes to the curriculum, a lot of progressive strategies will be endured to the
classroom. I would be using a lot of books that would focus on real life philosophy and how the
world works to show how the past should not be repeated in the future and educate on the history
so it would remain history. Though many challenges could be presented when having to follow a
specific curriculum given by a school, flexibility will have to be major in order to make that class
my own and show the values of my style of teaching that will in part give the students the
knowledge of the important topics that they need to learn of the curriculum.
The way that I envision my students in the classroom is to be ready to learn and be more
progressive and open minded. What I mean is to be willing to have different perspectives of a
certain topic that is being taught. For instance, when reading, say a book about racism and about
the life a child who did not see as right, called Huckleberry Finn, the perspectives are endless
and many will have different ways of interpreting the content and I think the role of the student is
to be willing to listen and have an educated debate and discussion on how they can interpret what
is being read.
My vision of my classroom is to have a lot of posters that have quotes about education
and Spanish role models who embrace their culture. I would like my students that have groups of
four people because my vision includes a lot of participation that keeps the students engaged in
class and allows for a more open relationship between me (the teacher) and the students. I would
like for them to feel comfortable with each other and to feel safe in the classroom and to be
willing to share about themselves to the class and how it relates to the topics being taught.
As a teacher I want my students to participate a lot and interact with each other because I
get to hear their opinions. I understand that for some students it’s really hard to talk and give
their own opinions when there’s a lot of people around. Most of the time it’s because they’re
scared of being judged by their peers, so I’ll be giving extra credit to those who decide to
participate. This will motivate the student to participate in class. Respect is really important for
me in my classroom and I would like my students to be respectful and listen while others are
talking. I will also be the kind of teacher who doesn’t give homework. I believe that school is the
time to do work and home is to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Even though I’m
not strict when it comes to homework, I do expect my student to work hard during class and if
they don’t, then in situations like this I will be giving homework.
In conclusion, the philosophy I want to have in my class is progressivism because it’s
about moving forward in life and succeeding to make the world a better place. I want to increase
the knowledge of my students and also be aware of what’s going on in the world.