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Grammar: Unit1-Test

Prove strutturate: Vocabulary
Complete the text with verbs or nouns about social media or verbs about
free-time activities.
Saturday’s a busy day for me. On Saturday morning, I 1_______________ music
lessons, then, I 2_________________ my friends. In the evening, I
___________________ out with my boyfriend or I 4_______________ a meal for
him at home, and then we 5__________________ videogames. On Sunday, I
_________________ in bed late and I 7_______________ videos or music on my
tablet. Then in the afternoon, I use instant 8____________________ and I
__________________________ to my friends.
Prove strutturate: Grammar
! Usa le forme contratte quando possibile.
Complete the phone conversation with the correct Present continuous form of
the verbs in brackets, or short answers.
A Where are Mum and Dad? 1_______________________ (they | work) late tonight?
B No, 2_________________. I’m with them. We 3___________________ (shop). Why?
A I 4______________ (not feel) very well and I think Jaime 5_____________ (get) ill too.
B Oh no! What 6___________________________ (you | do) now?
A I 7____________________ (lie) on the sofa. I 8___________________ (drink) some
hot tea.
_______________________ (Jaime | have) some tea too?
A Yes,
B Good. Well, Mum and Dad
_______________________ (not buy) much. See you
Complete the email with the correct Present simple or Present continuous
form of the verbs in brackets.
Hi Simone
How are you? What 1_________________ (you | do) at the moment? This week, me
and my friend Em 2__________________ (cycle) in the Loire Valley.
__________________ (you | know) Em? She’s in my football team.
I 4_________________ (enjoy) the holiday a lot, but Em 5_________________ (not
have) a good time. She 6_____________________ (hardly ever | ride) a bike and it’s
really hot here! Also, I 7___________________ (prefer) cycling in cool weather so we
____________ (get) up at 7 a.m. this week. Em 9_____________________ (hate)
getting up early!
Write sentences and questions with the correct form of the Present
simple and put the adverbs of frequency in brackets in the correct
position. Then complete the short answers.
1 Josh | drink | coffee ? (sometimes)
Yes, __________________.
2 Phoebe | not do | sport (often)
3 my dad | catch | this train (never)
4 Dan | carry | his mum’s shopping (always)
5 I | understand | films in English (hardly ever)
6 my neighbours | not be | at home (often)
7 they | brush | their teeth after lunch ? (usually)
No, _______________.