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Chemistry Unit 1 Target 1 Study Guide

Chemistry Unit 1 Target 1 Study Guide
I can collect and analyze data about the physical properties of a substance.
Properties of matter: Density
Density = Mass / Volume
1 mL = 1 cm​3
1. Define matter, mass, volume, and density.
2. What are the units used to measure mass, volume, and density?
3. Block A has a length of 4 cm, a height of 3 cm, and a width of 2 cm. Block B has a length of 5 cm, a height
of 8 cm, and a width of 0.5 cm. Which block, Block A or Block B takes up more space? How do you know?
4. Both Blocks A and B have masses of 40 g. What are the densities of material A and material B, the material
making Blocks A and B?
5. List five things that are made of matter.
6. List five things that are NOT made of matter.
Density practice problems
7. Determine the density of a rectangular piece of concrete that measures 3.7 cm by 2.1 cm by 5.8 cm and has a
mass of 43.8 g.
8. Gold has a density of 19.3 g/cm​3​. Find the mass of 6.39 cm​3​ of gold.
9. A piece of wood has a mass of 5.75 grams and a volume of 0.95 cm​3​. Find its density.
10. A graduated cylinder contains 30.0 mL of water. An object is placed in the cylinder and the water level
moves to 46.7 mL. Find the density if the mass of the object is 121.3 g.
Use the Table above to answer the following ​TWO​ questions.
11. You discover a piece of metal that weighs 280 g. You find that the space that this piece of metal takes up is
14.5 cm​3​. What is this metal made out of? Defend your answer using important calculations.
12. A stranger offers to sell you some silver coins. You are skeptical whether these coins are really made of
silver. You find that the combined mass of these coins is 450 g. You test the volume and find these coins take
up 166 cm​3​ of space. Are these coins made of silver? Defend your answer using important calculations.