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cells organelles, and cell theory graphic organizer hyperdoc 2019

Cells, Organelles, and Cell Theory
Cells Explore
Click on each link and watch the
video of the different cell types
In the box to the right, draw one of
each cell type and label the
organelles that are visible
Label the cell type
Check It Out
Click on the link and watch the
List the 3 parts of the cell theory in
the box to the right.
Name the 3 scientist that received
credit for evidence that supports the
cell theory. Explain what their role
was in the development of cell
Research Levels of Organization
in Living Things:
Click on the link to access the
Google Slide Deck
Summarize the notes from slide 1
Choose one specialized Cell
Describe how the cell structure
helps the cell complete its function
Draw and label the cell
What is the basic unit of organization in
plants and animals?
How do cells work together?
Summarize notes here notes from
slide 2
List the types of tissue and explain
its function
How else are plants and animals
organized? Slide 4
What is an organ system?
Slide 5
What is the organization of your
body? Slide 6
Record your responses to the
last 3 task on the last slide #8
1. Recognize …
2. Evaluate –
3. Exemplify -
Click on the link – read article
and summarize here