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Physics review Chapters 1,2 and 3

Physics Review
Dx = x f - xi
Dt = t f - ti
xf = final position (m)
xi = initial position (m)
d = displacement (m)
Chapters, 1, 2, 3
1. What does the slope of a position vs time graph represent?
2. A ball is +4 m from the origin and moves -12 m. What is the ball’s final position?
3. Starting at (-3, 3) cm, a toy car has the following displacements: (7,-8) cm and (-4,5) cm.
What is the final position of the car?
4. How would you write 0.00310 kg in scientific notation using the correct number of
significant digits?
5. An aircraft takes off from Dallas, flies 400 km north, lands, and then takes off again and
flies 130 km south. What is the plane’s final position relative to Dallas?
6. An ant starts at 2.3 m and moves 3.3 m left, 1.3 m right, 2.7 m left and 1.7 m right. If the
positive x-axis is to the right, then what is the ant’s displacement?
7. The steeper the slope on a distance time graph the faster the speed. True or False
The top graph is a position vs. time graph and the bottom graph is a velocity vs. time
graph for an ergobot. Its position and velocity are shown at five different times. At which
time is the Ergobot at a positive position but moving backward?
9. Using the same graph from the previous question, at which time during its motion is the
Ergobot at a negative position but moving forward?
10. A car starts at a position of -1 km and moves to a final position of 4 km. What is the total
distance traveled by the car?
11. Thomas starts at the position (-1,-1) m in the x-y plane and undergoes the following
displacements: d1= (-6,5) m d2= (3,5) m and d3= (3,-6) m. What is Tomas’s final
12. One morning a student rode her bicycle at a steady rate of 20 km/hr and it took her 6.0
minutes to get to school. How far did she travel to get to school?
13. A mouse ran at an average speed of 20cm/s across a 600 cm wide room. How long did it
take the mouse to cross the width of the room?
14. Clio gets into an elevator and travels 47 m straight up in a time of 2 seconds. She then
travels the opposite direction, straight down for 73 m in a time of 27 seconds. What is
her average speed over the 29 second period?
The motion of a dog is plotted in the position versus time graph shown. Which of the
following is the description of the dog's motion that best matches the complete graph?
a) The dog ran continuously for a distance of 40 m.
b) The dog ran 40 m, stopped for a while, and then returned to the starting point.
c) The dog waited for a while and then ran 40 m.
d) The dog ran 40 m, stopped for a while, and then continued running another 40 m in
the same direction.
e. e) The dog ran 40 m, ran back to the starting point, and then stopped for a while.
16. How many seconds are there in exactly 10 hours and 30 minutes?
17. How would you rearrange the equation xf = xi + vt to solve for t?
18. What is the average speed of a car that moves 350 m in 33 s?
19. The graph shows the movement of a bicyclist plotted at several points in time. What is
the average speed of the bicyclist?
20. Alice starts at (3,3) m and moves displacements of d1= (-7,10) m d2= (7,17) m and d3=
(-7, -21) m What is Alice’s total displacement?
The graph shows the motion of a rolling ball over a period of time. During which
time period was it moving the fastest?
a) 0–2 s
b) 4–6 s
c) 8–10 s
d) 6–8 s
e) 2–4 s
22. The graph shows the motion of an ice skater over a period of 5.0 s. What is the distance
traveled by the ice skater during the time interval from 2.0 s to 5.0 s.
23. Andoni gets into an elevator and travels 68 m straight up in a time of 11 s. He then travels
the opposite direction, straight down, for 31 m in a time of 22 s. What is his average
velocity over the 33 s period?
a) 0.94 m/s
b) 2.1 m/s
c) 37 m/s
d) 1.1 m/s
e) 3.0 m/s