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Ethical Questions

1. What is one of your strongest personal values; something very important to you?
2. What is a value you have because of the culture (home, school, community) in which
you live?
3. What are three ethical values you look for when choosing a friend?
4. Who and what have had the greatest influences on your values?
5. What three ethical values have the greatest influence on the decisions you make?
6. From the examples of ethical values, which one is easiest for you to follow in your daily
life? What is an example of how you live this ethical value?
7. From the examples of ethical values, which one is most difficult for you to follow? Share
an example of how this is a struggle for you.
8. What is something you would never do because you believe it is wrong? What is the
ethical value related to this?
9. What is something for which there is no federal, state, or local law, but you believe it is
10. What is something that is not required by the law, but you believe it is the right thing to
11. What has influenced you to hold your beliefs about what is right or wrong?
12. What values do you bring with you to this class every day? What expectations do you
have to end the day on a good note?