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Constitution Review Sheet

U.S. & Ill. Constitution Review Sheet
Define the following terms…
Direct Democracy
Absolute Monarch
Limited Monarchy
Magna Carta
English Bill of Rights
Mayflower Compact
Popular Sovereignty
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation
3/5 Compromise
The Virginia Plan
The New Jersey Plan
The Great Compromise
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
Judicial Branch
Habeas Corpus
Ex Post Facto
Delegated Powers
Reserved Powers
Answer the following questions…
Who wrote the Dec. of Independence?
What is the name of the governing body that saw the country through the revolution and
created the Articles of Confederation?
Name the city where the Constitution Convention happened.
What are the three inalienable rights?
When does the Constitution get ratified?
When does the government under the Constitution go into effect?
How many states are represented at the Const. Convention, and which state(s) did not
Total number of convention delegates?
Who was the President of the convention?
What is the chief source of information we have about the convention?
When was the Const. Signed?
Of the 13 states, how many had to ratify the Const. before it was passed?
Name the supporters and opponents of the Constitution.
Answer the following questions about the Legislative Branch
Another name for the legislature (US)?
What does the Legislative branch do?
Name the two houses of this branch
In the Const., what article describes the legislative branch?
How long do representatives serve for?
How long do senators serve for?
Who elects reps. and senators?
List the Qualifications for a member of:
House of Reps.
How many senators are elected every 2 years?
Answer the following questions about the Executive Branch
Who is the head of this branch?
Who succeeds this person if he/she dies?
What does the Executive Branch do?
List the Qualifications for President.
In the Const., what article outlines the Executive Branch?
What do we call the group of officials who really elect the President?
List 8 Presidential powers and/or duties.
Answer the following questions about the Judicial Branch
What is the highest authority in the Judicial Branch?
What does the Judicial Branch do?
What are the qualifications for a Supreme Court Justice?
What Court does the Constitution establish? (only one)
What Government body establishes inferior courts?
Name the two types of court cases that go directly to the Supreme Court.
More General Constitution Questions…
When was the Constitution adopted (year)?
What are the three sections of the Constitution (A, O, P)?
How many Amendments are there?
Answer the following questions dealing with the ILLINOIS Constitution
When did Illinois join the American Union- become a state?
How many different Constitutions has Illinois had?
Which of those const. has lasted the longest?
When was the current Il. Const. adopted?
List 2 things found in the Illinois Const. that you would not find in the Federal Const.
How many original articles are in the Illinois Const.?
How many amendments are there in the Illinois Const?
Where is the Illinois Bill of Rights found?
What is the name of the Illinois Legislative Branch?
What article describes the Illinois Legislative branch?
What article describes the Illinois Executive Branch?
What article describes the Illinois Judicial Branch?
Who is the Chief Executive of Illinois (title)
Study these Amendments
Remember to Study your Internet Activity sheet for the written part of the test.