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Advertising Photography (1)

Is a form of communication used to persuade, encourage or
manipulate people to do something (often to buy a product or
service, but not always).
Advertisements are usually intended to do one or more of the
1. To convey information.
2. To promote the sale of an item or service.
3. To promote or encourage some sort of behaviour on our part.
4. To promote Brand Awareness (which will hopefully lead to a
purchase, donation or change of behaviour at some future date).
What determines if an advert is successful?
How do you make an advert successful?
Successful Adverts
Will catch our attention, making us look, see, and remember - either
consciously or unconsciously.
There are many ways that adverts work, but some of the most
common include the use of the following:
Conundrum (a puzzle or ambiguity)
Surreal or Strange image
Beauty (elicits an aesthetic response)
Narrative – the image(s) tell a story
Appeal to a Common Experience or Common Memory
Appeal to our insecurities or fears
Appeal to our beliefs or prejudices
For a comical view on advertising see this Mitchel & Web video:
For the following advertisements
discuss the following:
1. Is the advert promoting the sale
of something and if so, what?
2. Is the advert giving
3. Is there a narrative (story)
behind the advert – if so what is
the narrative?
4. Does the advert use any of the
techniques 1 to 10 listed in the
previous slide?
Text Reads: Perhaps it’s time to turn to Pedigree light dog food
Hint: think about any of the Werther’s Original adverts that
you have seen … they often appeal to a common ‘memory’
about childhood … ‘good old days’ … nostalgia …
Text Reads:
Support for people with
eating disorders.
anorexi bulimi Kontakt
Context: advert
from during the
second world war
Context: Papa Johns make and deliver Pizzas
How the advert was
The advert image
This advert was
banned – why
might that have
Context: The Sopranos was a TV series about the Mafia in New York.
Taxis were paid to display the bumper sticker and fake arm dangling out
from the car boot.
Honda make cars,
speedboats etc
Hoover is a make of
vacuum cleaner.
Text Reads:
Check our new chicken
Text Reads:
Our mental health is as
important as our physical
Well, this advert is quite old … hopefully the ladies in the class
will have something to say!
Context: Schlitz was/is an American brand of beer.
Why might this advert now be considered offensive?
Context: United Colours of Benetton is a fashion clothing retailer.
Text reads: something about road safety
Text Reads:
Obesity is suicide
In groups of 3 or 4 students:
Discuss and agree on an idea for your advert for the company Safe-T-First.
Write a plan (you might want to include diagrams/layout sketches) and then
create an A4 size advert for the imaginary company Safe-T-First.
You may use the studio or work on location.
Your finished A4 size advert may be horizontal or vertical format.
Background information
Safe-T-First manufacture and distribute safety equipment including:
safety goggles, safety rulers, craft knives, rubber gloves, chemical
measuring cylinders, wet floor warning triangles, fire extinguishers, labcoats, safety hats, face masks, aprons etc.
Your lecturer will advise you on what Safe-T-First items are available.
Once you have created your image (or images) use photoshop to edit,
adding a suitable Safe-T-First logo and any text or strap-line if required.