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Test-Taking Strategies

Test Taking Tips and Strategies
As the PSAT has come and gone, this presents a unique opportunity to address a topic
such as test prep.
I don’t have handouts to distribute or a video to watch. I want to conduct this as more of a
brainstorming session.
Talk to the kids about how they felt after testing:
Did you feel comfortable while testing?
Did you feel stressed? Why?
Do you feel as if you did a nice job? Why?
Do you feel as if you did a horrible job? Why?
What are some things you could have done to make your testing experience better?
More sleep?
Eat before test?
What are some things you did that you wish you hadn’t done, and won’t do again next time?
Stayed up too late?
Drank too much coffee/pop/water, etc?
Put too much pressure on yourself?
What are some things that you know will help you next time?
Discuss test-taking strategies:
-Highlighting/circling of material in reading passages
-Eliminate obviously wrong questions
-Do the easy ones first and then go back
-Ration your time per question to reduce stress
-Arrive early and take time to relax
-Rephrase the spoken directions to yourself
-When the test starts, write down formulas and equations that you might forget later
-Try to leave time for a review after you finish
These are all things that can be written down on your board. Maybe a graphic organizer is
the way to go. Maybe a list. I am a “list” guy myself. Relax and enjoy the brainstorming
session with the kids.