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The book is about three children who have became refugees

The book is about three children who have became refugees.Each of them have a different
story. The first one Mahmoud lives in Syria during the civil war after their home got blown up
they decided too migrate to Germany to start a better life. The Second is about Issabella she is a
young girl that lives in Cuba during Fidel Castros reign. They try to migrate to The United States
of America and they make it to land. The third one is Josef who is a Jew living in Germany when
Adolf Hitler took leadership. His father was put in prison but then they let him go if he and his
family left the country. So they boarded a ship headed to Cuba but when they got their the
Cubans wouldn’t let them off the ship. So then they went to America but America didn’t want
them either. So the last stop was mainland Europe or they would be set off to Germany where
they would be killed. When they got there Belgiem, Holland , France, and England agreed to
divide the passengers on the ship up.