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How to choose CWDM, DWDM or CCWDM

How to choose: CWDM, DWDM or CCWDM?
How does WDM work?
Wavelength division multiplex is referred to as WDM, which combines multiple signals at
various wavelengths for simultaneous transmission over a single fiber optic cable. It usually
has Multiplexer and Demultiplexer. Multiplexer (MUX) combines wavelengths at the
transmitter, and the Demultiplexer(DEMUX) at the receiver separates the individual
wavelengths. The main purpose of WDM is to increase the available bandwidth of fiber-optic
cable. The capacity of a fiber can be increased tremendously simply by upgrading the
multiplexer and demultiplexer on any given link. So WDM systems are popular with
telecommunications companies because they allow them to expand the capacity of the
network without laying more fiber.
Two types: CWDM and DWDM
There are two types of WDM standards: CWDM - coarse wavelength division multiplexing,
and DWDM - dense wavelength division multiplexing.
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Channel Spacing
Number of channels
1.6, 0.8, 0.4 nm
1525~1565nm(C band)
O/E/S+C+L band
1570~1610nm(L band)
Up to 18 channels
40,80, up to 160 wavelength
for short distance
Transmission Distance
< 160km
longer haul transmit
over 1,000 kilometers can be
more expensive
Suitable for long distance, large
capacity long-distance trunk
networks, or ultra large
Man access layer,
capacity man core node, or
telecommunications, enterprise
large-capacity metropolitan
network, campus network, etc.
area network core nodes,
telecom 5G, metropolitan area
networks, backbone networks,
data centers, etc.
One of the biggest difference between CWDM and DWDM is the Channel Spacing. Channel
spacing refers to the difference between the nominal carrier frequencies of two adjacent
channels and can be used to prevent inter-channel interference. The CWDM wavelength set
consists of a series of 18 wavelengths spaced 20nm apart, from 1270nm to 1610nm. DWDM
technology packs many more wavelengths in a much narrower band of the spectrum than
CWDM. DWDM can carr y 40, 80 or up to 160 wavelengths with a narrower spacing of
1.6/0.8/0.4nm (200/100/50GHz).
channel spacing also
in different
bandwidth and capacity that CWDM and DWDM can carr y. The DWDM module further
increases the system bandwidth and capacity by using tightly spaced wavelengths to carr y
more signals on the same fiber.
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The biggest advantage of CWDM systems is the low cost, and the component cost is mainly
reflected in filters and lasers. The wide wavelength spacing of 20 nm also gives CWDM the
advantage of low specification of the laser and simplified structure of the optical
multiplexer/demultiplexer. The structure is simplified, the yield is improved, so the cost is
reduced. DWDM is mainly due to the high cost of laser diodes and the cooling laser
technology used to maintain wavelength stability.
What is CCWDM?
CCWDM is a mini-wavelength division multiplexer, which is a mini version of CWDM.
CCWDM has a much smaller package size, which is 10 times smaller than the standard
CWDM package. CCWDM is cheaper than CWDM and DWDM. It can replace CWDM
products in telecommunications, enterprise networks, PON network, cable television and
other fields.
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How to choose CWDM / DWDM / CCWDM solutions should be based on their respective
characteristics and differences, comprehensive consideration of the needs and budget of the
application scenario to make the optimal solution.
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