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Week 6 Journal Entry
Kayla Jackson
June 16, 2019
I am closing out week 6 of my internship. This has been a hectic week as it was the last
week of Teacher Work Days and closing out the year. This past week I have worked on
analyzing our end of grade assessment data. By analyzing the data, I am able to begin the
groundwork for my School Action Plan. Unfortunately, the state has placed a hold on the Math
data, so we will not have the unofficial report until the fall.
From the looks of the Language Arts data, we didn't quite hit our mark. We fell a few
points short of our goal for ELA. Since we do not have our Math data, my goals for my School
Action Plan are focused on Staff Culture and Literacy. I am in the process of researching
literacy programs, we have used the same course action for a few years and have not seen the
results we wanted, so maybe it is time for a change. I have discussed my thoughts with my
mentor and taken feedback about what has worked and not worked over the last few years. I am
eager to move forward in this process, as literacy is near and dear to me.
In addition to my work on the Action Plan, my mentor and I have discussed working
through the remained of the summer so that I can experience the preparations of the next school
year. Working full-time as a teacher left much of the work to be done before and after school and
without as much collaboration as she would have liked. So we will take the summer to do so.
Lastly, I was given the opportunity to attend the Summer Leadership Conference with her next
week. I am excited to hear from our Superintendent of Schools,and Chief Academic Officer as
they share their plans for our upcoming school year(s).The work that I have done this week has
taken quite a few days of research and will span over several standard, as school improvement
embodies many of them.