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Why Strength Training Is A Great Way To Stay Fit

Why Strength Training Is A Great Way To Stay Fit?
Strength training is a remarkable form of exercise, one that does it all –
strengthening bones, losing weight, improving balance and benefitting the heart.
Yes! All this is possible through strength training.
Strength training has a much greater level of post-exercise oxygen consumption
than aerobic exercise. Through this, you will be able to burn more calories and keep
off the extra pounds.
Strength training is specifically designed to focus on a specific muscle or muscle
group against external resistance. The main focus of this form of training is
strength improvement. Improving strength levels is a good way to tone your body
i.e., more muscle, more strength, and less fat.
Benefits Of Strength Training:
Strength training is not just about lifting heavy weights and bulking up. There’s a
lot more to it, like improved posture, increasing bone density, weight loss, boosting
metabolism, better sleep, and staving off chronic diseases.
Here’s a look at the basic reasons why strength training is so beneficial:
1. Multi-Benefits Of Strength Training:
Weight Training increases bone density, blood circulation, and improves balance
and coordination. By focusing on strengthening and toning your muscles, it helps in
maintaining a stronger and healthier physique.
2. Slows Down Ageing Process:
Doing strength training on regular basis also helps prevent the natural loss of lean
muscle mass that comes with aging (the medical term for this loss is sarcopenia)
and promotes weight loss.
3. Fights Osteoporosis:
After a certain age¸ human body starts losing muscle and bone mass. Regular
weightlifting can help fight this. Through lifting weight, our muscles and bones
endure stress, while becoming stronger and denser over time.
4. Boosts Mood And Sleep:
As we continue to get stronger through strength training, our endorphin levels
increase, i.e. natural opiates produced by the brain, which are responsible for lifting
energy levels, increase, ultimately improving mood and also the quality of sleep.
Strength training isn't just about lifting weights; one needs to follow the right
nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, and other important guidelines as well.
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