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Sci 10- Intro to Atomic Theory video

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Sci 10: Crash Course Video
Match the scientist to what they discovered or theorized.
_____: Democritus
_____: Antoine Lavoisier
A. Founded the idea of “The law of
conservation of mass
_____: James Dalton
B. Estimate the mass of rays. Determined that
the rays were actually small negative
particles (he called them Corpuscles)
_____: J.J Thompson
C. Matter is composed of tiny little particles
_____: Earnest Rutherford
D. Designed a model where electrons are
placed into a shell that surround the
nucleus. Known as the “_____” Model
_____: Niels Bohr
E. Elements are considered to be discrete
packages of matter
F. He founded the idea of the nucleus by
shooting alpha particles
The first name of an atom was called: _________________ (means uncuttable)