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Unit 2 Quiz - Mesopotamia and Egypt

Unit 2 Quiz
Mesopotamia and Egypt
Part I – Multiple Choice 3 points each
1. The picture above is an example of ________________ from the
civilization of _____________.
a. hieroglyphics; Egypt
b. an alphabet; Phoenicia
c. pictograms; China
d. cuneiform; Sumer
2. Early people in settled along river valleys for all of the following
reasons EXCEPT:
a. The rivers provided protection from invaders
b. The weather was always better near the river
c. The soil was good for agriculture
d. The rivers were used for travel and trade
3. The ENTIRE shaded area in the map above is called:
a. The Nile River Valley
b. Mesopotamia
c. Egypt
d. The Fertile Crescent
4. The people associated with first using iron to make tools and weapons
were the:
a. Assyrians
b. Hittites
c. Babylonians
d. Egyptians
5. Which ruler is best known for writing the first law code?
a. Hammurabi
b. Sargon
c. Nebuchadnezzar
d. Rameses
Part II – Fill in the Blank 3 points each
Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
hereditary ruler
Nile River
1. The writing of ancient Egypt was called _____________________.
2. Most early civilizations believed in many gods. This is called
3. __________________ was the king in ancient Egypt.
4. The Mesopotamians built ________________ which were huge
temples that they believed brought them closer to the gods.
5. A city and the land surrounding it is called a _________________.
6. Settlements in Egypt began along the ____________________.
Part III – Short Answer 7 points
In a PARAGRAPH, answer the following question.
Name 3 of the 5 features of civilization and explain how they apply to
EITHER Mesopotamia or Egypt.