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geometric construction




Draw your desired square shape (black line)

The distance b/n the midpt of 1 edge of the square to its opposite edge midpt will serve as the diameter of the circle


Draw 1 line starting from 1 corner of the square to its diagonal corner (Blue line). Repeat this on the other corner in order to form 2 intersecting diagonal lines.


Using the compass, draw the circle with the point of intersection(POI) serving as the center of the circle.

While the distance b/n the POI and the midpoint of the edges of the square serves as the circle’s radius


Now, remove the intersecting lines and the square so that only the circle remains


Rectangle Construction Method

1. Draw your Major and Minor Axes (black lines)

2. Now draw a rectangle around the Major and Minor Axes as shown. (blue lines)

3. Divide both halves of the Major Axis into 4 equal number of parts. Here we have used four parts.

4. Now divide each of the half the edges of the rectangle, corresponding to the Minor Axis, into 4 equal number of parts.

5. Next, join the ends of the Minor Axis to the divisions on the edge on the rectangle. Then, from the opposite end of the Minor Axis draw lines through the divisions on the Major Axis until they intersect the first set of lines drawn.

6. how to geometrically construct