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National Customs discussion 05-09


National Customs

• Possible topic areas:

• Food

• Religion

• Timetables

• Clothes

• Topics of Conversation


• What customs are there in your country associated with food?

• Are there any foods associated with certain festivals?

Customs questions

• Which customs in your country do people from abroad enjoy?

• What aspects of life in your country might be dificult for people from another country?

• Have you ever been to a country where you found certain aspects of life difficult?

More discussion questions

1. Talk about the marriage customs in this country and in other countries.

2 .What are your favourite national customs? And your least favourite ones?

4.Which national customs contribute most to the creation of

Italian identity?

5. Which national customs of other countries do you find most interesting?

Interactive practice prompt

• I went to a Halloween party last weekend. It wasn’t very exciting……..

Next student

• I usually spend New Year with my familym but this year I’ve booked to go away and I’m feeling a bit worried.