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Your Topic: Power Stratification in Organizations
Your Assignment
1. Write a summary of the news story; what were the key
learning points you took away from the article?
2. Why is this article relevant to today’s managers?
3. How might what you learned from the article help a
manager to make decisions or run their department?
1-President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen
admitted to lying to Congress this Thursday November 27th.
During his court appearance, Michael Cohen said he chose
to lie on behalf of President Trump in order to protect
Trump’s personal business dealings with Russia at the time
he was campaigning for the presidency. In court documents
filed by special counsel Robert Mueller, Cohen lied to
Congress at least three separate times about plans to build
a Trump Tower in Moscow.
2- Michael Cohen has exposed potential wrongdoing by his
former boss. President Trump as the manager to the executive
branch, with no prior experience as a political leader, has no idea
how to handle this current situation. Some might find Trump to be
a coercive leader in this particular example, because why would
Cohen lie for his boss. Lying to Congress is a serious offense, he
could end up going to jail.
3- Sacrifices are made to achieve goals but at what point do we
stop? Sure we want a leader that can win wars and not bankrupt
our economy but at whose expense? The leader or manager or
whoever must make decisions collectively not just on their own
one opinion.
Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying about Trump Tower project in
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