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Great leaders SERVE

Great leaders SERVE
The SERVE leadership model
• Research concluded five practices for effective
• Leaders have to know and do Fifteen skills
that embedded in those five practices
See and Shape the future
• Definition: Creates and communicates a
compelling vision of the future that engages
others. Exhibits the ability to personally follow
and to do those things necessary to make that
vision a reality.
What makes a great vision?
It is not a formula statement
Visionary style –“ come with me”
Creates a bias towards action
Clarifies priorities.
See and Shape the future
Why vision doesn’t become a reality?
Fun of envisioning.
Organizational realities.
The problem is somewhere else
The knowing doing gap
Fear of being the nail that sticks out.
See and Shape the future
• Skills: Planning for success, making Decisions,
Communicating Effectively.
See and Shape the future
Engage and develop others
• Definition: Selects the right people for the
right job. Challenges every individual to do
their best and is committed to every
individual’s growth and development.
What to look for in selecting the right
people for the right jobs?
Work Ethic
Engage and develop others
Conditions for strong engagement/
Engage and develop others
Elements of optimal performance:
Invest time
Care deeply
Accentuate the positive
Use developmental tools.
Engage and develop others
• Skills: building a high performance team,
coaching, developing others.
Engage and develop others
Reinvent Continuously
• Definition: Possesses a never – ending focus
on improvement. The ability to generate new
ideas as well as to embrace and encourage
change for better business and personal
Creating new ideas or improving existing ideas, by
challenging assumptions and thinking out of the box
• Ask “what if “questions to test assumptions
and challenge the status quo.
• Seek better solutions to problems instead of
falling back on obvious ones.
• Demonstrate creativity in making ideas and
concepts better.
• Look beyond the organization for new ideas
and innovative approaches that can improve
your work.
Reinvent Continuously
Problem solving
• Spot what is the root of a problem (distinguish
symptoms from causes)
• Break down the problem or a situation into
discrete parts that are easier to manage.
• Actively seek input from people of diverse
• Figure out how to solve problems, even those
that appear hopeless.
Reinvent Continuously
• Skills: Thinking Creatively, Solving problems,
Handling change.
Reinvent Continuously
Value results and relationships
• Definition: Demonstrates the ability to
generate positive, measurable results and
cultivate great relationships with the people
they lead.
Leaders who value both results and
• Generate positive, measurable results
• Cultivate great relationships with the people
they lead
Value results and relationships
Getting results and maintaining high
• Is proactive in understanding the industry
trends in order to champion initiatives and
business relationships that help achieve
competitive advantages.
• Seeks to accomplish critical tasks with
measurable results.
• Works to increase the long term value of the
work by maintaining high level of
Value results and relationships
Building relationship of trust
• Actively listens to opinions and ideas.
• Respects and seeks to understand differences
• Exhibits consideration of the feelings of others
when/before taking actions.
• Creates environment of understanding and
acceptance of differences.
Value results and relationships
• Skills: Getting results, Solving problems,
Handling change.
Value results and relationships
Embody the values
• Definition: Exemplifies the non-negotiable
values that comprise our corporate culture.
• Values are the beliefs that drive your behavior
Demonstrating self leadership
• Maintains personal stability by attempting to
give equal weight to both personal and work
• Sets and monitors own objectives and
• Lives a commitment to continuous learning.
Embody the values
Building AlHussan brand
• Displays a contagious sense of enthusiasm for
AlHussan brand.
• Knows and regularly share the good story and
positive impact of AlHussan.
• Actively promotes AlHussan brand.
• Make the effort to represent AlHussan in various
organization events.
• Take personal responsibility for ensuring that any
issues raised by customers are responded to
Embody the values
Living AlHussan values
• Work with honesty and professional ethics.
• Seeks to achieve results which are the best
interest of the organization.
• Models and reinforces ethical behavior in self
and others.
Embody the values
• Skills: demonstrating self-leadership, living Al
Hussan values.
Embody the values