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Performance Improvement WK2

Discussion 2.1 - Personal Experience of Inferior Quality Health Care Services
Describe a personal situation in which you received inferior quality healthcare
services. Explain why you would rate the experience as inferior. Your initial post is
due by Wednesday and responses to three classmates are due by Sunday.
I am a patient transporter, which is currently considered one of the
stakeholders in patient care. Therefore, when a patient is going to be in my care for
a short period of time; I communicate with the other stakeholders (ex. Nurses,
physicians, and nurse aids.) Last summer, I was assigned a patient that has
persecutory delusions. Persecutory delusions are schizophrenia, where the person
believes they are being abducted, tormented, and lied to. After reading the patients
chart, I walked into their hospital room with the nurse. I noticed that the patient
didn’t have a bed alarm, wasn’t in restraints, dry blood was on their patient gown,
and they weren’t medicated. First, I had brought up my concerns to the nurse,
because the patient visually presented that they have ripped out here IV before
based on the blood. Secondly, the patient wasn’t in restraints in order to not pull
out the IV. Thirdly, I was taking the patient to see a lot of new people in the
hospital, and so I didn’t understand why they were not given a sedative to be less
aggressive. The only answer I was given was, “The doctor didn’t put in request for
those things for this patient.” The nurses didn’t move forward with any other
action besides that. Later that day, I was filling a safety report with the Risk
Management office, because the patient ripped out the IV in their arm and hand,
bleed out a lot, and still tried to runaway with no gown on. That experience was the
most inferior quality I have seen in healthcare, because it could’ve been resolved.