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For one as oneself

For one as oneself
For one as oneself
Have you heard the story like this one?
Now, listen! There were a lion and mouse, to
be the mouse from a lion and to be the lion
from a mouse. That lion lived in the jungle.
Everyone said what a find lion he was. That is
until he opened his mouse to roar, then out
came a tiny squeak. That the lion was so
ashamed he ran deeper into the jungle. That
mouse lived in a hole in the ground. Everyone
liked her until she started to squeak, then
came out a great roar. ''Go away!' her friends
cried. ''You're too noisy.' Sadly the mouse
wandered deep into the jungle. One day she
met that lion. She jumped with fright and let
out a great roar.
That lion jumped with surprise and squeaked.
They stared at each other for a long time in
amazement. ''You roared like I should,' cried
the lion. ''And you squeaked like I should,'
cried the mouse. ''We can help each other,'
they both cried together. Then marched
through the jungle and when they met that
lion's friends that mouse roared. Everyone
said what a fine roar he had. They visited that
mouse's hole in the ground. that lion lowered
his and squeaked ''How nice to hear you
sound like a mouse,' her friends said. ''Do
come back home.' But that mouse shook her
head. ''It's best this way,' she said winking at
that lion. ''We belong together.' said that lion.
''For me as you, for you as me.' they both
cried together.