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Element Project Research Template

Name: ____________________________
Research on Element
Chemistry: Atomic Structure and Function
Summative: 20 points
Basic Information: element name, chemical symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, number of protons, neutron
and electrons, common ion charge, any isotopes it has, and any common compounds it is found in and highlight
the specific uses of those compounds
Properties: Describes the element’s physical properties (state at room temperature, color, density, melting and
boiling points, metal or nonmetal) and what substances it reacts with (does it react with acid or burn in air?)
History: Clearly explains who discovered the element, the date and where it was discovered. What is the origin
of its name? Include any interesting facts about the history of the element
Societal Connections: Describes at least 3 industry uses for element, the areas of the world is your element
produced or found, how is it obtained by humans, where might you come into contact with it, and the
environmental concerns with its extraction and disposal.
Include at least 5 pictures or drawings of element – (you can use these later as visual aids to enhance project)
Directions: Brainstorm 10 different locations that you can ACTUALLY go to to find your element. Example: if
your element is found in lightbulbs, you can go to a football game “under the lights” and find your element
there. Do not use “lightbulbs” aka the example of where it is found more than once. If your element is found
somewhere far away i.e. used to make the Eifel tower in France, you can still use the location, even if you can’t
actually “go” there.
Where is Element Found Here?