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I, Priyanka Sinha, a third year aerospace engineering student from Alliance University,
Bangalore, is very interested in working as an internee for the topic- Assembly and
testing of mechanical aspects of a rover guided by you. I learned about this position
from the IIST official website. Working in this project will help help advance my technical
I previously held summer internship at SkyKrafts Aerospace Pvt. Ltd- a drone
manufacturing company. There I gained the skill of aerodynamics, designing and had
done mini projects. I am keen in space related phenomena and have a sound
knowledge of mechanical aspects. I am interested in research fields regarding the forementioned topics.
I have attached my resume herewith for your reference.
I will be very grateful if you provide this internship as it will help me gain a technical
Thank you for you time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.