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monomers, polymers, bonds, functional groups quiz

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Quiz: Polymers, Monomers, their bonds and functional groups
Directions: Match the description in the right column to the word or phrase in the left column
1. _________ glycosidic bond
a. the monomer of a polysaccharide
2. _________ ester bond
b. a functional group of a glycerol molecule
3. __________peptide bond
c. the nitrogen-containing functional group of an amino acid
4. __________monosaccharide
d. a bond that joins together two monosaccharide
5. __________glycerol
e. a functional group associated with fatty acids and amino acids
6. __________amino acid
f. the monomer of a polypeptide
7. __________hydroxyl group
g. a polymer consisting of a glycerol and fatty acid monomers
8. __________carboxyl group
h. a bond that joins lipid monomers
9. __________amine group
i. a monomer of a lipid
10. _________ lipid
j. a bond that joins amino acid units