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*Respiration: It is the process by which the food taken is
made into energy and used for other activities. It’s a
chemical reaction and it breaks down food to release
*Sensitivity: Living organisms can sense anything around
in their environment and react according to it.
*Growth: It is the increase in size, body mass and the
number of cells in the body.
*Reproduction: It is the production of offsprings of their
own kind.
*Excretion: It is the process by which the not needed
toxic metabolic waste out of the body through the form of
urea, sweat and urinating .
*Nutrition: It is needed in our body in the form of
nutrients from the environment. Plants take in water and
carbon dioxide to make glucose whereas animals take in
nutrients from other organisms.
*Microbes are organisms that only be seen by a
*They are different groups for microbes.
*Microscopes are devices that are used to focus on
microorganisms easier than a naked eye.
*Two types: Light and electron microscope.
*Light microscopes use light to focus on an object that can
magnify by 1000 times.
*Electron microscopes use electrons that magnify up to 1
million times. There are two types that are SEM and TEM.