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Hillcrest - Look Back


Hillcrest High School Look Back Data Meeting

Facilitator (asks questions, moves conversation, keeps discussion on task) ____________________________

Time-Keeper (times each section, ensures discussion follows protocol times)__________________________

Norms-Watcher (ensures norms are followed) __________________________________________________











Standard (TEK) that students struggled with the most {use



Know Show

18 Min Past Successes (1 min)

List improvements, growth points, or what you are most proud of.

Exemplar (7-8 min)

Select the 2-3 most critical standards (lowest mastery, most frequently tested) we should address.

Narrow the focus – Write the first critical standard.

Review the assessment items – What would a student have to know to master each these questions?

Gap (7–9 min)

Look at a question assessing one of your critical standards and answer, “did all students choose the wrong answer?” Look at the other questions assessing this standard. What caused results to be different? Capture global trends.

Look at the High score – How did the high scorer show mastery of the skills? Are there different paths to show mastery?

Look at the Medium score – What are the differences from the high scorer? What are the highest leverage misconceptions that will move this student to high? What are students doing that lead to this error?

Look at the Low score – What are the differences from the medium and high? What are the highest leverage misconceptions that will move this student to a medium/high? What are students doing that lead to this error?





Error & Conceptual Misunderstanding

Describe the student error and name the misunderstanding,

“The key student error and biggest conceptual misunderstanding is _________________________”

Write the highest leverage student error.

Plan the Re-teach (8-10 min) No Reteach Needed

All planning should be evidenced in Drive – Update LPs and IPC as you go in computer

Create an assessment for reteach.

Plan the structure of the reteach lesson – See Re-teaching Structures Page

For your chosen assessment, how do you want to teach the standard?

---------------------------------Select date to reteach and put it on the IPC -----------------------------------------


Get Specific – Script your lesson

How will you monitor during class?


Lap 1:

Lap 2:

Lap 3:

Answer and write – “Based on the conceptual misunderstanding, your action step for reteaching


Practice Re-teach plan – Script exactly what you will say and do during reteach.



In remaining time, teachers should practice the reteach (modeling, monitoring, etc.)

Repeat until the practice is successful. Ask, “What made this more effective?”

Ask “How did our practice meet or enhance what we planned for the reteach?”

Make sure that all assessments, student materials, and dates are updated in OneDrive before you leave.


List those critical standards you will reteach with the following methods.


(Great way to use HOD)

End Game

What strategy/skill/thinking do you want students to understand via the discourse?

Script the ideal student answer.

Student Work

Post/display/chart an exemplar student response and incorrect student response (My favorite wrong answer)

ID Thinking

Show exemplar student response and ask class, what did this student do? Student should precisely identify the successful strategy.

Show incorrect student response and ask class, what error did the student make?

Student Words

Students should name the key things to remember when solving problems like these.

Students should name the strategy/conceptual understanding in their own words.



The teacher models the thinking with when moving through a specific task.

Narrow the focus to the thinking students are struggling with.

Model replicable thinking steps.

Model how to activate one’s content knowledge/skills that have been learned in previous lessons.

How to Model

Vary in tone and cadence to sound different from your “teacher voice”

Give students a clear listening/note-taking task that fosters active listening of the model

Debrief the Model

Ask students, “What did I do when I solved that problem?”


Ask students, “What are the key things to remember when you are doing the same in your own work?”