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Discussion Turbine

Amirul Izzat Bin Moksin 63092
The experiment is conducted to understand the Pelton Turbine Wheel application and to
establish a relationship between the torque with the rotational speed of wheel and the efficiency
of the wheel with hydraulic and brake force into the wheel.
Based on the Graph 1.1, the torque of the wheel at fully open valve began with higher value
than the half closed valve. But the experiment is continued with the higher rotational speed
than before and the torque of the fully open valve is dropped drastically than the half-closed
valve. This may happen because when the valve is fully open there are maximum water flows
out from the nozzle with high speed then the torque is slowly dropped.
Then, the Graph 1.2 shows the relationship between the brake power against rotational speed.
At fully open valve the brake power of the wheel is starting with high amount of power
compared to the half closed valve. After it reached optimum point the it slowly dropped and
falling. We can see it may happen from the higher load causing pulley and the wheel create
high resistance against it and the brake power is dissipated slowly from it.
The Graph 1.3 shows the hydraulic force against rotational speed. The fully open valve and
half closed valve graph shows zig zag patterns at the beginning. As the rotational speed increase
the flow of the graph is starting to show it constant trend. In the end, the half closed valve have
higher amount of rotational speed than fully open valve.
The Graph 1.4 shows the efficiency of the turbine against the rotational speed. The pattern of
the graph is same as the second graph, the fully open valve high at the first and it is drastically
dropped as the rotational speed increase. Half closed valve graph shows that it does not have
higher efficiency because the valve is not fully open then the velocity of the water comes out
have greater value with the small of the area it gets the higher the pressure and the higher the
velocity of water. The higher velocity of water than it needs extra forces to extend this
There may come some mistake during the experiment and we simply conducted carefully and
follow the steps that is provided.
In this experiment the application of the turbine in real we can conduct experimentally using
Pelton Wheel Turbine. As the result that we get, the fully open valve shows the torque is much
higher than in the half closed valve. It is same as the brake force, the fully open valve have
higher amount of force compared to the half closed valve. For the hydraulic force the half
closed valve have higher amount of force compared to the other one. Then the efficiency of the
turbine the fully open valve shows it is better compared to the half closed valve.