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The college experience

Cassidy Rudd
October 12, 2015
Comp 107
Mr. O’Neill
The college experience is a special experience in this life. College is a place where
individuals learn to grow mentally, socially and academically. My teachers had always pressed
that college would be an absolute horror story, filled with uncaring teachers, snobby students and
endless papers and homework. Since the beginning of my journey, I’ve come to realize that
though some of these things are false my views on college have drastically changed since
attending Bucks County Community College. My expectations have been overshadowed by
enthusiastic teachers and motivated peers.
I had been led to believe before attending Bucks that teachers would often be extremely
harsh and strict, however, my experiences have shown me that instructors can be very
accommodating and fair in their teaching. When I attended Pennsbury High School, my class
numbered in the hundreds, and there was not a large connection with the teachers. Here at Bucks,
classes are smaller and teachers are willing to take out their time to help. There are also an
abundance of resources at Bucks such as access to databases and a tutoring center. On teacher
that had a significant impact on me in my time here was Mr. Kraus, my mathematics professor
who helped me greatly in developing organizational skills as well as problem-solving skills.
The work load was also an expectation that I often dreaded. Since coming to Bucks, I
have discovered that the work is dependent primarily on the student, but it is not impossible to
complete assignments in a timely fashion as well as being able to succeed academically. In high
school, the workload was significant but not as self-demanding as teachers would often coddle
students until they turned in assignments. Here, doing your work is dependent solely on yourself;
Cassidy Rudd
October 12, 2015
Comp 107
Mr. O’Neill
if you do not do the work, you do not get the credit.
Another expectation that I had about college was the interaction with the students. I was
often led to believe that there would be a plethora of rich, snobby, and arrogant students.
However, I have met a large number of friends that I will keep in contact with in the years to
come as well as interact with many others on a daily basis.
In conclusion, expectations about the everyday happenings of college life, whether it be
the teachers, students, or the work itself was greatly exaggerated from my past experiences. My
view of college will continue to evolve as I continue on my academic journey.