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Summary Response Essay Outline

Abernathy 1
Prof. Name
Class and Section Number
Day Month Year
Summary/Response Essay: Google and Our Attention Span
a. Introduce topic
b. Introduce the author, the name of the article
c. Explain main ideas of article
d. Thesis (agree and disagree, what do I agree or disagree with?)
Body (first)
a. Summary paragraph
Body (middle)
a. My idea or feeling about topic
b. Compare to author’s idea from evidence
c. Explain, build off of authors idea (What does previous quote mean? Why
do I agree with it? What else can I say relating to that idea?)
Body (last)
a. Article as a whole, message throughout the article (What is a relevant
idea/theme throughout the entire article?”
b. How author proves his points throughout the article (add example)
c. How I interpret the article as a whole
Abernathy 2
a. Restate main idea(s) of article
b. Mention sources he gained evidence from
c. Connect that evidence to how it supports my thesis
d. Restate thesis, what I gained from the article